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Adventure entertainment and educational park Smolkovia - Magický svet brings to Slovakia for the first time the world of Smurfs in literally larger than life size. The smurfs, which are only as big as three apples stacked on top of each other, invite children and adults right into their mushroom houses, which are so big that both a child and an adult can easily fit in them. Smurfs' Enchanted Forest offers a great number of discoveries and interactive adventures. Children will discover which Smurf they most resemble and also learn to speak the Smurf language. Above all, however, everyone will learn together and in a playful way about how to protect not only the Smurfs, but also our living forest. Together with the little Smurfs, they all survive an exciting adventure about saving nature, where they escape from the angry cat Azrael and then defeat the insidious wizard Gargamel and his terrifying machine.

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The Great Smurf Adventure ends with a romantic flight on a stork, which transports children to the animated world of the Smurfs in virtual reality. However, the adventure does not end there. A large entertainment zone awaits all visitors one floor below. VR reality, bouncy castles and many other attractions.

Smurfs - The magical world brings not only fun, but also knowledge. The mission of the entire park is to inspire children to protect the environment, and an educational program is also prepared for school classes. Here, children will learn about the need for nature protection in a fun way, but also details about life in our Slovak forest. Fun and educational park Smurfs - Magic World helps teachers talk to children about complex topics in a simple way, and thus inspire children to protect nature.


"We wanted to make a big fun learning center where you won't want to leave. The Great Smurf Village is beautiful and, moreover, interactive, you can literally transform into a little Smurf or Smurf in it. The village extends over the entire floor of the shopping center. There you will learn the Smurf language, and at the same time defeat the evil Gargamel. One floor below there is another large space dedicated to playgrounds, LEGO and VR reality, so that even older children will not get bored here. It is a place where all members of the family will have fun, from the youngest to the oldest children. And, of course, a small snack is included. "

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Cute blue dwarfs have been enchanting their children and adult fans for 65 years. Comic book artist Peyo created the first blue characters back in 1958, when they appeared after playing the magic flute. Originally secondary characters of his comics, they quickly gained their fans and in 1959 they already had their own comic. The first, still black-and-white film, was made in 1965. The real Smurf craze was started by the American-Belgian series, which was broadcast by almost all TV stations in the world in the early 80s.

The popularity of the kind-hearted blue dwarves who fight the evil wizard Gargamel and his cat Azrael has carried over into the 21st century. In addition, it is supported by successful feature films and new series that already use the most modern 3D animations.

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